Investment Funds

Mutual Funds

A Mutual Fund is a very popular investment choice for most Canadians. The philosophy and mechanisms are simple, many investors pool their money into a large fund and hire the best investment managers to manage it.  Mutual funds were created at a time when small investors did not have access to the best investment management as they would typically work only for the wealthy.  Pooling money allows even a small investor to own the best investments.

There are many thousands of Mutual Funds available in Canada now, a bewildering amount of choice.   Some funds specialise in sectors such as health care or technology, some specialise geographically investing in Canada or the US or emerging world markets.  There are equity (stock) funds, fixed income funds investing in bonds and mixtures of both.

Our task is to guide clients through this maze by recommending funds which fit their risk tolerance, investment objectives and time horizon.  We make a very significant effort to meet with the investment managers and the management and executives of the fund companies to establish how that manager manages money, the direction of the company and the stability of the company.