Group Plans

Your business is never too small nor too big to need to retain quality employees.  The easiest and most well received way of doing that is through employee benefits.

This can involve something as simple as a Health Spending Account or as involved as a fully insured traditional benefits plan.  You can also help employees save for retirement with a Group Retirement Savings Plan (GRRSP) and/or a Deferred Profit Savings Plan (DPSP).

The structure of the GRRSP/DPSP is flexible and determined by the employer who decides, for example, if there will be employer contributions, if so at what level, if there will be different rules for different types of employees (hourly paid v’s management for example) and what the  redemption rules will be.

Even just allowing the employee to contribute without any matching benefit allows them immediate tax relief for better cash flow.

We can help you design, implement and administer the plan or plans that best suit your business.   We have access to most of the carriers in the business to help you get the best pricing on your plan.  If you are looking to create a plan or just re-quote an existing plan, we would be more than happy to get quotes for you.

No business is too small—the minimum business size starts at 1 for the self-employed.