Travel Insurance

As the world shrinks and as we travel more often the need for travel insurance surges.  It is crucial to ensure that the underwriting is full, complete and accurate from the answers you provided on the application. Don’t “think” that you have travel insurance, make sure that you really do have all the coverage you need.

It is also important to know the limits to the coverage being offered and even more important to establish if the coverage requires you to fund all the costs and be reimbursed later, or if the insurer will cover your costs upfront.

We have access to any Canadian supplier of travel insurance but prefer to use TourMed out of Quebec.   We have received only positive feedback from clients who have placed claims through TourMed.  They all speak very highly of Tourmed’s customer service and their claims experience.

It’s not just travelling outside Canada which makes travel insurance necessary; it is also advisable when travelling outside Ontario.