Estate Planning

The hardest thing to get people to do is to prepare a Will and a Power of Attorney (POA).  It is relatively simple yet people ignore it for a multitude of reasons.  We all die and although we can’t do anything about that, we can make it as easy as possible on the ones we leave behind. Get your Will and Power of Attorney DONE!

How do you structure your assets to maximize what is passed to your heirs and minimize what is passed to the government?  Although we do not have an estate tax as some countries do, we have probate tax for any assets that go to our estate.  Also, any assets that are governed by your estate become public record once your will is probated.  This means that the general public can find out what has happened with the contents of the will and where the assets of your estate go.

We can help you set up your financial affairs to minimize tax and probate fees and aid a swifter transfer of assets to your beneficiaries.